Egg to Bunny (white)

Egg to Bunny (white)

from 2.50

We use Goshman’s quality super-soft sponge for all of our colorful sponge eggs and rabbits. He ships the sponge to us undyed and we work our magic to bring you the best sponge products possible. We never intended to sell white* (undyed) sponge, but after much demand, we present to you Egg to Bunny!

The Egg to Bunny was inspired by Goshman’s “Miracle Rabbit”—where a red ball transforms into a red rabbit in the performer’s fist. Instead of the ball, we have substituted an egg. This subtle change has opened up an entire world of new possibilities.

*Sponge ages when exposed to UV light (like the sun). The aging is very evident with white (undyed) sponge as it will begin to yellow over time (see photo).

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