Transposition Cannon DIY

Transposition Cannon DIY


The Transposition Cannon is a Do-It-Yourself product so you can design your cannon to match your brand, show theme, and other props in your show. You can make it look like a circus cannon, pirate cannon, alien cannon, or anything you desire.

Effect: The cannon allows you to make different items* travel invisibly across the room. For example, the magician puts a silk handkerchief inside the cannon. The audience counts down from “3…2…1…FIRE IN THE HOLE!” The cannon is ripped open to show it is now empty… the hanky has been magicially transported from the cannon to across the room to any desired location. The cannon is perfect for silks, playing cards, sponge balls, or other small items. It is designed to pack small and play big.

You get:

  • A 10 page .pdf with step-by-step instructions

  • Supply and Materials List (This can be built for under $20.00)

  • Stencils/template for cutting the various parts

  • Customization ideas

  • Bonus… miniature thumb tip cannon template

*Duplicate item

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